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John Woodward
CR-Photographer, API, EA-ASP
Website: www.johnwoodwardphotography.com

CBL Lens Review:
"The CBL Has Saved Me Hours of Work." In the past especially in mixed light situations I was never sure that I have a neutral white balance. Placing the CBL in front of my subject, no matter what the lighting situation, has yielded perfect results every time." All I do is make sure that the light falling on the CBL is the same light that is falling on my subject. Once the images get to the computer I know that they are all neutral and I do not spend any time correcting color balances. - John Woodward, CR-Photographer, API, EA-ASP
Andy Marcus
Wedding Photographer
Website: www.fredmarcus.com

CBL Lens Review:
"The CBL Lens System has helped me save hours of time from my digital workflow. Just literally, a few seconds calibrating my camera and I have beautiful, color balanced images that need no adjustments. If you want to save hours of time, try the CBL Lens System with your camera and see why I have a big smile on my face these days." - Andy Marcus, Wedding Photographer
Hanson Fong
Art of Photography
Website: www.hansonfong.com

CBL Lens Review:
"Professional photographers use professional gear. That's why I use The CBL Lens it's simple, fast, and gets consistent color balance every time." - Hanson Fong, Art of Photography

     What's in the Box

     • CBL Full Color White Balance Lens
     • Lanyard
     • Protective Pouch
     • User Guide

CBL Color Balance Lens Box

The White Side

The White Side is designed using a specially fomulated grooved board over a reflector lens, covered with a condenser, to give accurate color balance in mixed lighting situations, low light, or on cloudy and overcast days.

The Grey Reverse Side

The Grey Reverse Side is formulated from a secret combination of thirteen different materials which have been tested to produce the most consistent color balance and is best suited to studioflash photography and direct sunlight.


CBL Lens Full Color Balance System

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